Child Lead Poisoning Litigation In New York

Lead is a type of metal that is poison. Years ago, it was commonly used in paint, gasoline, plumbing and many other items.

Lead is still used in some kinds of pottery. As these items get old and worn out, the lead they contain can spread. Not a good thing.

child lead poisoning lawyer

Lead paint was banned from home and residential use in 1978, but old painted walls can still cause problems. If you live in a home, house or apartment built before 1978 (or painted at any time with banned paint that contains lead), there could be lead in your home. Ask your landlord or realtor about lead before you rent or buy a home.

A child can get lead poisoning by swallowing or breathing in lead. In our law practice, representing the families of children who have been lead poisoned, dust from lead paint is the number one source of childhood lead poisoning.

A simple blood test will reveal a high lead level, and toddlers in New York must be periodically tested by their health care providers. If poisoned, litigation will seek financial compensation from the landlord, building owner and premises management.

Lead poisoning can cause problems with a child’s growth, behavior, ability to learn and I.Q. In fact, lead can even harm babies before they are born; so, expectant mothers should protect themselves from lead.

Young children are at the greatest risk for lead poisoning, because they spend a lot of time on the floor. They like to put hands, toys and other things in their mouths. This raises the chances of swallowing lead dust and paint chips. Only a tiny amount of lead is needed to harm a young, growing child.

There are preventative measures to protect your child from lead, if you live in a home or building built before 1978, or if you suspect lead paint was used. Mop floors often, use damp cloths to clean windowsills and repair any peeling paint.

child lead poisoning lawyer

Also, wash children’s’ hands and toys often, even if they do not look dirty. Most importantly, watch your children to make certain that they don’t eat or play with paint chips, plaster, dust or dirt.

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