Construction Site Injuries In NYC

Contact us for your construction site injury case, and you will tap into our successful experience in representing injured New York construction workers and laborers. New York State’s Labor Law governs most work site causes of action and defenses, including falls from ladders and scaffolding, and other on-the-job injuries.

Your NYC personal injury lawyer should keep abreast of New York courts’ application of the rules which govern these cases. A particular statute’s application and interpretation can be different amongst different New York State counties, and thus it is particularly important that your attorney keeps up to date with the evolution of all applicable legal trends and construction site litigation case authority. Your case’s successful outcome might very well depend upon your attorney starting the legal proceedings in the county that is the best fit for your case.

New York’s highest state court, The Court of Appeals, continues to grapple from case to case with the scope and application of New York Labor Law sections 200, 240(1) and 241(6) and relevant regulations. .

A successful outcome will begin even before a lawsuit is started. After you hire experienced and qualified legal counsel, your attorney will conduct a thorough and proper construction accident investigation, perhaps with early consultations with expert witnesses. Other issues will likely come into play, including the identification of responsible parties, apportionment of fault, insurance coverage and indemnity, and the type and extent of your work injury.

Construction site injury cases are serious matters, and you deserve seriously good attorneys.

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