As the baby boomer generation ages, assisted living has become a big business. And, for thousands of residents and their families, a big problem.

Cases involving nursing home negligence, resulting in residents’ injuries and deaths, are handled by our law firm. Uneven regulation has created a dangerous situation where many facilities are not equipped or properly staffed to care for an increasingly ill population.

Elderly and disabled individuals suffer horrendous abuse and neglect on a daily basis in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities throughout the United States.

Negligent care and treatment results in pressure sores (decubitus ulcers), malnutrition, dehydration, and pneumonia. Lack of supervision and purposeful activities lead to wandering, falls, burns as a result of unsupervised smoking, and physical, mental, and emotional deterioration.

Abuse includes sexual assault and rape; physical beatings and injury including intentional burns; and excessive use of physical and chemical restraint for staff convenience.

All too often this neglect and abuse results in painful deaths of nursing home residents. If you have a loved one in a nursing home in New York and suspect abuse or neglect, Contact Oliveri and Schwartz today at 800-427-9546 for a FREE case evaluation. 

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