Free Bicycle Injury Case Consultations In New York City

Bicycles continue to grow in popularity as a legitimate, convenient, eco-friendly and affordable means of transportation in New York City. As the number of bicyclists grows, so too do the number of unfortunate accidents, injuries, and safety issues associated with it. Our law firm represents injured bicyclists, and we offer free bicycle injury case consultations

We keep on top of current and emerging bicycle Issues and litigation trends, so that we can best represent our clients.

When you pick a law firm to represent you or an injured family member, you should find lawyers who have the skills, resources and expertise to deliver justice for those individuals harmed while riding bicycles.

Your personal injury attorney should have a proven track record in successfully litigating bicycle collision and injury case issues, such as determining the applicable liability and vehicular insurance coverage specific to bicycle litigation; as well as specialized bicycle issues involving motorized and electric bicycles, titanium bolt fatigue failures, and evidentiary issues in truck v. bicycle litigation.

Most importantly, perhaps, will be the legal tools necessary to achieve a maximum case value, and appropriate financial recoveries for our clients, when faced with the inevitable insurance defense claims of contributory negligence by the plaintiff bicyclist.

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