Client Testimonials

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“You are a legal firm that is most certainly above the rest … that returns great results.”

Derwin L.

“You are the best and I thank you for always being so attentive and punctual with your excellent attention to the customer.”

Juan Pichardo

“I ask God to continue to bless all the great staff who work at that law firm who have an excellent, friendly staff and who are always in touch with clients by giving the best professional service that merits each case and I say it from experience, especially with Ana Alicea who is all love with the client, she puts all her effort and determination into doing her best for the client.

May God fill you with many blessings.”

Juan P.

“Excellent experience doing business here. Very friendly and helpful staff that will make you feel like they want the best for you and you matter to them. Would definitely recommend”
Nizzy N.

“Paul Oliveri is the ultimate professional. Responsive and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend that you contact Oliveri & Schwartz if you have the need for a personal injury or medical malpractice attorney!”
-Jamie S. 

“Outstanding firm, great listeners who really care & take your case seriously. Dedicated professionals that will fight for your rights”
-Rodney V. 

“Paul, you and your team are great people on this planet, who are really helping people in need. I am really thankful to you for being with me during my tough time. It was my luck that I met you and I really appreciate the way you handled the case and guided me.”
-Amit G.

“Above & Beyond- Paul Oliveri is the best attorney in the business. His brilliance is revealed on every possible level including in his character and work ethic. My husband and I have never in our lives have ever experienced this level of competence before. He works so hard to make sure his clients are treated as if they are his own family members. He calls you back every time as if he is only working for your benefit. He is super organized and is extraordinary at handling details. His ability and talent as an attorney go way beyond what you could imagine. His paralegal secretary is also brilliant and an absolute pleasure to work with. His team is exceptional and “over the top” making the entire experience a pleasant one. You don’t have any worries knowing Paul Oliveri is your attorney because there would never be even one detail overlooked. When it comes right down to what you need, Paul is the Babe Ruth of all attorneys.”


“Thank you so much Paul. It is truly a pleasure to be corresponding with such diligent and compassionate people. I am so happy I found your firm. Your constant follow up and feedback has been nothing short of amazing and spectacular!”

– Eve D.

“I thank you very much for your attention and help.  You were amazing!
Truly indebted,”
– Lizett A.

Thank you so much. People like you make this a wonderful world!.

 –  Alma T.

“Thanks so much for your help with all of the craziness with the insurance company. Thank G*d for you!!”

– Robert and Regina S.

“Thank you … without hesitation, it’s  been a  pleasure working with all of you and also I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for our patience  and your kindness.”

– Carlo B.

“Really top dollar. I would recommend Oliveri & Schwartz with enthusiasm.”

-Michael S.

“Paul is professional, knowledgeable, and dependable. I could not have asked for a more favorable outcome to my case. It is hard to know how to select a competent attorney, but am glad that I made the perfect selection.”

-Alison B.

“Compassionate, honest, and attentive, Mr. Oliveri is everything a person could hope for when faced with the difficult challenges of a catastrophic injury. I hope none of my friends or family would ever need his services, but if something ever happened where someone did, I would absolutely recommend Oliveri & Schwartz as the place to call for help!”

-Jason O.

“Oliveri and Schwartz, P.C. is an outstanding firm. They are extremely professional, and truly want only the best for their clients. They go out of their way to make sure that their clients are well informed through out the entire process. I HIGHLY recommend them.”

-Stefanie L.

“Paul Oliveri is one of the most sincere & honorable people I know”

-Robert S.

“Mr. Oliveri is a caring, considerate, and determined attorney! Highly recommended!”

-Basha O.

“Paul Oliveri has great legal skills and ethics. Highly recommend him.”

Wayne P.

S. Adolph – “Oliveri and Schwartz is a great law firm to work with and they are highly recommended by my family and also another friend i know who went through them before. Paul really does care about you as a person and is there when you need him”

D. Arriola – “Oliveri and Schwartz helped my family get a much larger settlement for a accident than our insurance company was offering. They are the best at what they do and we are grateful to have worked with them.”

K. Burger  “A great law firm who cares about you”

S. Cull – “I can honestly say that Oliveri and Schwartz helped my brother in law through a very difficult time in his life and got him a settlement almost triple what his insurance company was offering. Paul is the best around!!”

B. Diana “Paul and his team are the best in the game.”

Scott E. – “Paul Oliveri is the best personal injury attorney in all of NYC. He is extremely knowledgeable, and after dealing with numerous other attorneys in NY, I can honestly say that he is the very best at what he does. He is an honest, hard working, and extremely dedicated attorney who will not stop until he gets what is best for the client in their case. He will go head to head with the insurance company’s and come out on top everytime!! Call him today and see what i am talking about!”

J. Feldman – “Mr. Oliveri is truly a fantastic attorney going the extra mile to help his clients get the best setttlement possible. I would recommend him and his firm to anyone needing a personal injury atty.”

F. Fisher – “Paul Oliveri is a very trustworthy attorney in nyc. He helped my sister get a huge settlement for her accident…we are so thankful for him and his firm.”

J. Foster – “I can’t say enough about Paul and his law firm and would highly recommend them to anybody who has been in an accident in nyc.”

M. Gonzales – “This firm is the best at what they do. My family has personal experience, and i am telling you they are great.”

F. Hamilton “Paul, Ana and the entire staff are the best in the business..they helped my family and i get paid in our settlement fast. dont hesitate to contact them”

D. Hornbuckle –  “Paul and his staff helped a friend of mine get a VERY nice settlement for her accident in Brooklyn!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Personal Injury Attorney in Nyc!!!!!!!!!”

H. Kaleigh – “He helped my family a couple years back and helped us every step of the way, unlike alot of other lawyers, especially in New York.”

K. Kenneth – “A friend of our family went through oliveri and schwartz and just loved them..couldnt say enough about them”

Robert M. – “new york personal injury lawyer i can trust”

B. McGhee – “Awesome law firm..Paul is one of the most knowledgeable attorneys around, and will fight to get you the settlement you deserve..HIGHLY recommended!”

H. Meyer – “PAUL OLIVERI IS THE BEST!!!!!!!! Someone I know went through him after she was hurt and he was the most caring guy and really did treat her like family. I am in a profession that deal with many New York City attorneys on a regular basis, and Paul is one of the best in the game. DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL HIM!!!”

L. Miguel – “Paul Oliveri helped someone i work with obtain a killer settlement when the insurance companies were only offering a small percentage of that! He is the BEST!!!!!!”

James O. –  “someone to turn to for the unfortunate ones that are injured due to no fault of ther own .Keep up the good work!!!”

B. Philip – “The best personal injury attorney in nyc for sure!”

L. SalaThis firm is the best at what they do. My family has personal experience, and i am telling you they are great.”

R. Sanchez – “Paul and his staff helped a friend of mine get a VERY nice settlement for her accident in Brooklyn!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Personal Injury Attorney in Nyc!!!!!!!!!”

J. Thompson awesome law firm!”

P. Weiss – “They were great and got me a wonderful settlement I think the world of Oliveri & Schwartz and have told my friends and associates how highly I regard them.”

R. Wheeler – “Paul went to bat for my family a couple years back and i cannot tell you how grateful we are for him. He is one of the nicest lawyers you will ever meet, and really does care about his clients. DON’T hesitate to call him for a accident lawyer in nyc!”