Burn injuries are among the most painful, serious injuries anyone can endure.

Victims usually need skin grafts and plastic surgery and live with the risk of fatal infections for extended periods of time after the accident.

Even after they are released from a burn unit at the hospital, burn victims experience long-term effects from burns. They often have inoperable scarring and disfigurement, cannot stay in the sun and experience a higher incidence of skin cancer. These injuries are devastating.

Industrial plant explosions, construction site accidents, and other dangerous premises where explosions or fires occurred account for the majority of serious burn and explosion injuries. The worst of these injuries can require extensive reconstructive surgery.

An electrocution accident can result in severe burns and permanent nerve damage. Burn injuries arising from explosions and fires can result in expensive medical bills, missed time from work and lengthy, painful recovery times.

What can make these dangerous, painful injuries so hard to deal with is that the majority of burn injuries are caused by the negligence of others. Common causes are:

-Defective and malfunctioning machinery
-Unsafe workplace conditions
-Failure to store chemicals property
-OSHA violations
-Failure to train staff properly in handling of flammable materials
-Defective ovens, stoves or other commonly used home or camping devices

The burn and explosion injury attorneys here at Oliveri and Schwartz can assist in building a strong case to help you seek restitution from those negligent parties or manufacturers of defective products, that contributed to or are responsible for your injuries.

Rehabilitation can be a long, expensive process, and if it is found that another party’s negligence resulted in your injuries, you may be able to seek compensation for things like medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a burn or explosion injury, Oliveri and Schwartz can help.

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