A collision with a driver who was impaired by alcohol is one of the most heart-breaking ways a person can be injured in an accident.

Drunk driving accidents are preventable, and yet nationally a person is killed about once per hour in a crash with an impaired driver, and someone is injured about once every two minutes.

Auto accidents involving intoxicated drivers can be worse than accidents involving non-impaired drivers. Intoxicated drivers may be experiencing blurred vision and slowed reaction time.

A sober driver who is negligent still may be able to react in a collision in a way that may lessen the impact. An intoxicated driver is less likely to be able to try to swerve out of the way or step on the brakes simply because his or her thought processes and ability to react are not working at full capacity.

If you’ve been injured in a collision with an intoxicated driver, you may be feeling overwhelmed since there are criminal processes involved as well as the potential for a civil case. You may not be aware that you have the right to pursue civil action for recovery of your medical expenses and other damages if the impaired driver who caused your crash is going to jail for DUI.

A consultation with a personal injury attorney from Oliveri and Schwartz can help you better understand your rights and the possibility for recovery in your case.

Liability in Drunk Driving Accidents

The intoxicated driver is going to bear most of the liability for causing your injuries. If he or she has insurance, you can make a claim against that policy, and if no settlement can be reached you can file a lawsuit.

However, if the impaired driver has repeat DUIs, he or she may not have insurance, or may not have enough insurance to cover the serious injuries caused by the accident. He or she may not even have a valid driver’s license.

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