A side impact collision, sometimes referred to as a T-bone crash, often comes out of nowhere. You were following the rules, but someone else ran a red light or a stop sign and slammed into the side of your car. These kinds of collisions can result in serious injuries and damage.

Unlike head-on or rear-end collisions where the front or back end of your car may crumple and absorb some of the impact, when you’re hit from the side there’s little between you and the impact. Much of that force hits you directly, and the results can be very painful.

If you’ve been injured in a T-bone crash by either another car or a commercial truck, your injuries may require a lengthy recovery. Medical bills likely are more than your family can manage, and you may not know where to turn for help. A personal injury attorney may be the answer.

An attorney can help you get compensation for your medical bills, wages you lost because of time away from work, pain and suffering, any disability or disfigurement you suffered, and your loss of normal life. An attorney can investigate your crash and gather the evidence to support your claim, and then negotiate to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Common Causes of Side Impact Crashes

Most of the time, side impact crashes are caused by negligence. A driver runs a red light or a stop sign either because they’re driving aggressively or were distracted by talking or texting on a cell phone and didn’t see the light or stop sign before entering the intersection where you had the right of way.

If your crash was caused by another person’s negligence or recklessness, you have a legal right in New York to recover compensation for your injuries and other damages. An experienced auto accident lawyer can go over the facts of your case and determine whether you might have a claim.

Common Injuries in Side Impact Accidents

In a side impact collision, people on the side of the car that is hit tend to have more serious injuries than those on the opposite side because the people on the side where the impact happens absorb more force from the crash.

However, people on the opposite side also can be injured — sometimes because the people on the impact side are thrown against them. Some of the most common injuries seen in T-bone crashes include:

Head injuries — Can include concussion and other traumatic brain injuries, or cuts from shattered glass.

Neck injuries — Can include herniated discs or whiplash, where the neck extends unnaturally as the head snaps from the force of the impact.

Back injuries — Can include herniated discs, nerve damage, spinal cord damage, or paralysis.

Chest, abdominal and pelvic injuries — Can include crushing injuries from a buckled car frame.

Limb injuries — Can include broken bones or dislocated limbs.

Soft tissue injuries — Can include muscle, tendon, and ligament sprains, strains, and tears.

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Car and truck accident cases involving side impact collisions are complex and can prove confusing to their victims. Proving negligence in a crash that involves a T-bone crash takes an investment of time, experience, and resources.

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