Pursuing compensation for injuries sustained in an apartment fall can be challenging, especially when the apartment’s insurance provider begins to apply pressure on you and your family.

Fortunately, you have several rights as a victim; rights that should be adhered to throughout your pursuit of compensation.

At Oliveri and Schwartz, we work diligently to uphold the rights of apartment building fall victims in New York.

Our experience, combined with our knowledge of state and federal personal injury laws, allows us to pursue compensation for clients facing even the most challenging cases.

We represent victims of apartment building falls caused by:

-Loose flooring
-Spills or slippery surfaces
-Poorly lit hallways or stairways
-Uneven stairs
-Loose or broken handrails
-Cracked sidewalks
-Compensation for all of Your Losses

On your behalf, our staff will aggressively pursue the maximum compensation possible for your losses.

Any settlement we negotiate or judgment we pursue will cover all of your losses and expenses, including:

-Medical bills
-Lost wages
-Ongoing care
-Physical and rehabilitative therapy
-Around the clock care
-Cosmetic surgery
-Pain and suffering

Discuss Your Case with Oliveri and Schwartz

Contacting an attorney as quickly as possible after an injury dramatically improves your chances of winning compensation. As soon as you contact us, we will begin gathering key evidence to support your claim for compensation, including evidence of the scene, witness statements, medical opinions and more.

All information obtained during our investigation will be used to pursue the maximum compensation, either through settlement negotiation or court trial.

Contact Oliveri and Schwartz to schedule a free consultation to discuss your apartment building fall injury claim today at 800-427-9546.