Construction workers are NYC’s unsung heroes. They build what we often take for granted, our tunnels and bridges and buildings. They create the vibrant skeletons of our great boroughs, cities and the great State of New York.
While construction work can be rewarding, it has its share of risks for workers. Indeed, construction jobs are considered to be among the most dangerous jobs in Brooklyn, New York City, and the entire New York Metro Area.
Scaffolds are essential to construction work. Scaffold accidents resulting from negligence take place with regularity in NYC.
Outdoor construction sites in New York are exposed to all sorts of weather throughout the year, and scaffolding accidents are all too common and dangerous.
You deserve a New York City personal injury and wrongful death lawyer with decades of successful, winning experience. A NYC law firm with an understanding of construction accidents is essential if you or a loved one has been hurt or killed on scaffolding at a work site.
You deserve lawyers who have a successful track record with investigating, evaluating and winning §240, scaffold and construction and labor-law cases.
These are specialized cases, and your lawyer needs to know how best to handle such issues as sole proximate cause and recalcitrant worker defenses.
These cases require lawyers who know how to best conduct pre-trial discovery, how to conduct Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s depositions, how to retain and work with the industry’s best experts and how to select the best possible jury if your case needs to proceed to trial.
It is essential that your lawyer is well-versed in all recent developments from the Appellate Divisions and the New York Court of Appeals, including how to win your case’s §240 Motion; and how to win your scaffold or construction or Labor Law case when your case is not granted §240 Summary Judgment.
Causes and Injuries of a Scaffolding Accident
With all of the activity that occurs on scaffolding during a project, workers are exposed to a vast array of possible accidents that could leave you injured.
Often, the injured or killed person is a innocent passerby who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, when the scaffold accident happened.
When our law firm represents the worker, or the worker’s family, our personal injury and wrongful death lawyers work with workers’ compensation lawyers to make certain that maximum benefits are recovered, to the full extent of all applicable laws.
Accidents that often occur on or near scaffolding include:
-Objects falling from scaffolding and striking workers or bystanders
-Slip and falls due to wet and slippery scaffolds
-Design or assembly mistakes in the manufacturing of the scaffold itself causing collapse
-Electrocution or fire injuries due to equipment failures on scaffolding, or due to scaffolding coming into contact with power lines themselves.
-Falls from ladders on scaffolds
-Vehicle collisions with scaffolding
Projects that utilize scaffolding are often large and complex. This means that there may be many people on or near the scaffolding where you work using a variety of tools and techniques. Construction workers or bystanders can suffer injuries when there is a scaffold accident, and many of these injuries can be very severe, sometimes resulting in catastrophic injuries or death.
When people fall or slip, they can sustain ankle, knee, or spinal injuries. You may find yourself in a prolonged period of treatment and therapy if this happens to you.
Head injuries are also common at work sites due to both falls and falling items and debris hitting workers or pedestrians. While there are many scenarios that could result from a head injury, permanent brain damage or death are common results.
If you have been injured you might find yourself facing a long recovery period during which your financial security is uncertain. You and your family may be dealing with lost income and wages, as well as growing medical bills.
A lawyer experienced in scaffolding accidents can help you fight for your rights and help you recover maximum compensation and damages.
Oliveri and Schwartz Can Help After a Scaffolding Accident In NYC

The causes of a scaffolding accident can vary greatly, and it is important that you have experienced lawyers who understand construction accidents, workers’ compensation, third party suits, and product liability actions in New York.
We have the experience and skill to help you after a scaffolding accident. Call us today at 800-427-9546.
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