According to a recent report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, deaths from fires and burns are the fifth most common cause of unintentional death in the United States. Most fire fatalities are not caused by burns but by smoke inhalation, per a National Fire Protection Association report.
If you or a family member has suffered a smoke inhalation injury or you have lost a loved one due to fire injury, you may be entitled to compensation.
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New York Smoke Inhalation Injuries and Death Claims Lawyer

We represent clients throughout NYC injured in house, building, workplace, villas and apartment fires.
Smoke inhalation may cause serious injury in several ways, including:

  • Thermal damage
  • Asphyxiation, including brain damage
  • Pulmonary irritation

The simple act of combustion releases large quantities of carbon monoxide, which deprives tissue of oxygen. The materials that burn may release serious toxins into the air, such as formaldehyde, ammonia and sulfur dioxide.
If we accept your case, our investigators will sift through the evidence thoroughly, including the fire marshal’s report and the history of code and fire violations on the property. If we can prove negligence, we will pursue maximum compensation on your behalf, including medical expenses, lost work time, and pain and suffering.

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