New York Surgical Error Lawyer

When surgeons operate on patients, they are expected to operate with a level of skill, expertise and care possessed and practiced by other surgeons in the same or similar community and circumstances.
However, when surgeons are inattentive, careless or fatigued, they may cause serious or fatal injuries during surgery.
Oliveri and Schwartz represents individuals in Brooklyn and throughout New York City in surgical injury lawsuits. With more than 34 years of medical malpractice and personal injury experience, attorney Paul Oliveri and his team provide the personalized service individuals need at every step of the process.
Identifying And Addressing Mistakes Before And During Surgery
Surgeries correctly performed can improve a patient’s quality of life. However, the results can be catastrophic when surgeons perform surgery that is unnecessary or if they perform the surgery incorrectly. For example, when a surgeon cuts something unintentionally and fails to recognize the damage, it can cause permanent harm.
Oliveri and Schwartz handles a range of surgical error cases caused by mistakes before, during and after surgery, including:
-Performing surgery improperly
-Failing to notice unintended damage to anatomical structures
-Performing unnecessary surgery
-Failing to adequately warn patients about surgical risks and side effects
-Failing to be fully knowledgeable about the human anatomy
-Performing surgery on the wrong body part
-Leaving surgical instruments in the body
-Giving the wrong amount or wrong kind of anesthesia
If you suffered serious injuries or if you lost a loved one because of a surgeon’s mistake, an experienced lawyer can help you receive the reasonable compensation as allowed by law.
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