New York State’s Child Victims Act opens civil justice doors to NY sex-assault victims.

Our legal team will advocate on your behalf against:

Religious institutions, churches and clergy; Colleges, universities and fraternities; Child-care facilities; along with public and private organizations, schools, clubs, camps and similar entities.

Sexual abuse victims now have the right to publicly hold their accusers accountable in our state’s courts, even if it happened years ago. New Yorkers up to age 55 will be able to bring their cases to be heard in the courts.

Victims will have the opportunity to confront their accusers in court; to pursue money damages; to seek civil justice; and to hold abusers accountable.

A “look-back” window of time provides victims with the opportunity to consult an attorney about the specifics of their case.

However, there are strict time-limits (commonly called statutes of limitations), and so we urge you to contact us without delay. All inquires are confidential and without obligation.

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Other Types Of Crime Victim Examples:

-The hospital whose lax hiring procedures enabled the crime-history orderly to rape the patient.

-The hotel whose disregard for security enabled the horrific attack on a guest in her room.

-The gymnastic league’s leadership which turned a blind eye to its predatory team doctor, who sexually assaulted dozens or hundreds of young athletes.

The hospital, the hotel and the gymnastics league’s leadership can and should be held responsible for money damages.

Those are just some examples of the crime victims who seek civil justice. Civil trial lawyers, and our clients, are on the right side of history.

Our legal work makes a difference in the lives of crime-victim clients. Our advocacy provides victims with the resources they need to rebuild their lives.

For many clients, our commitment to their cause can help them discover their own resilience to move beyond the depths of their victimization.

In addition to helping the clients we represent, our successful results  can influence broader policies that focus on safety, security, and the impact of violence.

We litigate these cases because it is the right thing to do. Our success can be a positive force for change.

Contact us now, so we can secure the justice you deserve

Financial compensation for injured crime victims is possible, thanks to our Civil Justice system. We passionately help injured crime victims by seeking money damages from those who are liable under applicable laws (the wrongdoers and tortfeasors). New York Crime Victims Lawyer Paul Oliveri and his skilled legal team have successful experience handling these types of cases.

We handle these cases when the victim has suffered physical harm, emotional trauma and other significant personal injury or wrongful death. We actively belong to the lawyers’ bar association affiliated with the National Center for Victims of Crime, headquartered in Washington, D.C.

Sometimes, the injured crime victim is recommended to contact us by a medical facility social worker, a criminal court victim advocate, a mental health therapist or some other allied professional.

If viable, New York Crime Victims Lawyer Paul Oliveri and his team will pursue a civil lawsuit to obtain justice, hold responsible parties accountable, prevent future crimes, and obtain the financial resources victims need to rebuild their lives.

Please contact us to explore available legal options in the civil justice system, for victims of sexual assault, child sex abuse, drunk driving, negligent security, workplace violence, elder abuse, etc.

Regardless of the outcome of the criminal prosecution, or even if there was no prosecution, crime victims often can file civil lawsuits against offenders and other responsible parties. Unlike the criminal justice process, the civil justice system does not attempt to determine an offender’s guilt or innocence.

Offenders are also not put in prison. Rather, civil courts attempt to ascertain whether an offender or a third party is civilly liable for the injuries sustained as a result of the crime.

If defendants are found civilly liable, courts may order them to pay monetary damages to victims. While money awarded in civil lawsuits can never fully compensate a victim for the trauma of victimization or the loss of a loved one, it can be a valuable resource to help crime victims rebuild their lives.

Moreover, the exposure to civil liability is a powerful incentive for landlords, businesses and proprietors to enact the security measures necessary to prevent future victimization.

We are proud members of several civil justice and plaintiffs’ bar groups, including The National Crime Victims Bar Association. With national widespread attention to recent sexual abuse cases, crime victims are seeking information about their civil legal remedies.

Setting aside their past reluctance and shame and fear, many victims are now motivated to seek out the rights, protections and services they need and deserve. New York Crime Victims Lawyer Paul Oliveri and his dedicated team are willing and able to consider representing injured victims of crime in the civil justice system.

The National Crime Victims Bar Association, in particular, works to help crime victims, to reform institutional practices, to change laws and to educate the public. Our firm is committed to work zealously and tirelessly to ensure that injured victims find some measure of justice.

The attorneys at Oliveri & Schwartz, P.C. help victims of physical assault, sexual assault and other intentional criminal acts recover compensation, including pain, suffering, medical expenses, the loss of income and the cost of therapy

Seeking Justice For Civil Justice for Victims of Crime In New York

Civil litigation is a judicial process separate from criminal proceedings. In New York State civil courts, it’s about being held civilly liable rather than being found criminally guilty.

The previous results of a criminal prosecution aren’t necessarily relevant in civil litigation. In fact, even if there was no criminal prosecution to begin with, you may still be able to move forward with civil litigation.

You’ll never be able to undo your suffering, but the damages you receive can help you move forward.

Our New York Crime Victims Lawyer Is Passionate About Victims’ Rights

As a victim, you are thrust into an often chaotic and confusing criminal justice system during an already traumatizing time.

As a victim advocate, our lawyers have helped victims navigate the process, providing guidance and support from someone knowledgeable and dedicated to representing victims’ best interests.

We are passionate about helping victims, and you can trust us to advocate on your behalf throughout the civil litigation process.

Please call us at 800-427-9546 to discuss your situation pertaining to Civil Justice for Victims of Crime.

Our New York Crime Victims Lawyers will get to know you and take the time to understand your personal story. Civil litigation cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t need to worry about our fees. You deserve someone on your side.

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