New York Roll Over Accident Lawyer 

Most often, vehicles roll over in a crash because they have a high center of gravity.

Vehicles that are tall or narrow such as SUVs and passenger vans tend to be more prone to rollovers than a car because the high center of gravity makes them less stable.

So when an SUV or passenger van swerves, has a tire blowout, hits a curb, speeds around a turn, or is hit from the side by another vehicle, there’s a greater tendency to roll than there is for smaller, more stable vehicles.

Many traffic safety experts also argue that there are inherent design flaws in the way SUVs are constructed that make them more prone to roll — and for the people inside to suffer greater injuries when the vehicles roll.

Perhaps the most serious of these flaws is that the vehicle roof may collapse when the SUV flips, leaving the people inside vulnerable to serious head injuries or fatalities.

Not only may the people inside be hurt, but when a vehicle flips on a city street, innocent bystanders such as pedestrians or cyclists also may be injured when caught unaware by a rollover crash.

Recovering Damages –A New York Roll Over Accident Lawyer Can Help 

If you were injured or a loved one was killed in a rollover crash, you may be able to seek compensation from the vehicle’s driver if the crash was the driver’s fault, or against another driver if other vehicles were involved in the collision.

There also may be some recourse against the car manufacturer if the accident was caused by design flaws in the vehicle. Another avenue for recovery could be against the city or state if the road was improperly maintained and the crash was caused by dangerous road conditions.

A rollover accident attorney with experience handling claims from rollover accidents can investigate your crash and explore the possibilities for recovery that exist.

He or she can help you identify the best possible chances at getting compensation and help you negotiate with insurance companies, or file a lawsuit if necessary.

With the help of an experienced car crash lawyer, you may be able to recover compensation for:

-Medical bills
-Lost wages
-Disability or disfigurement
-Pain and suffering
-Emotional distress
-Loss of normal life

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