Construction is considered a risky occupation that requires workers to take extra safety precautions when carrying out the duties of their job. A construction site is by nature a safety hazard and carelessness or negligent behavior can lead to serious injury or death. New York construction accident lawyer Paul Oliveri can help.

Construction accidents typically require significant medical treatment and long recovery times. Often accident injury victims with less serious injuries are unable to support themselves and their families because construction work can be so physically demanding.

New York personal injury law allows construction accident victims to be compensated for medical expenses and other damages they may incur after being injured when their injuries are attributed to another party.

Personal injury cases that result from construction injuries can be complex and should be handled by a construction accident attorney who is experienced in successfully dealing with these types of claims.

Certain conditions must be met when proving the merits of a construction accident case, and establishing that one is entitled to legal compensation from the party that contributed to their injuries often requires the knowledge, experience, and skill of an effective accident injury lawyer.

New York construction accident lawyer Paul Oliveri and his skilled legal team at Oliveri & Schwartz, P.C. represents clients who have been injured on the job. Construction accident injury cases often involve the filing of a workers’ compensation claim in addition to any filings against third parties who may bear some responsibility when an injury occurs.

Only a small percentage of construction accidents are minor and require little or no medical attention. If you or a loved one is injured in a construction accident you have a right to assess your legal options, and seek recovery of damages for medical expenses, including future or ongoing expenses that are required for you to make the best recovery possible.

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