Who’s to Blame? Unraveling the Legal Maze When an Uber Driver Hits You in NYC!

Imagine this: you’re walking down the street, minding your own business when suddenly, you’re struck by an Uber driver. Your peaceful day transforms into a nightmare, filled with pain, confusion, and uncertainty about your future. Welcome to the unsettling reality many New Yorkers face daily as pedestrian-involved auto accidents become all too common. The aftermath…


Manhattan Tragedy: Drunken Driving Incident Claims Life, Leaves Multiple Pedestrians Injured

Just another evening in Gramercy, Manhattan, the bustling neighborhood humming with its usual rhythm. Ordinary, until the peace was shattered by an inconceivable tragedy on the city’s lively sidewalk, forever altering the course of multiple lives. In the thick of the urban evening, around 7:30 pm last Sunday, disaster struck. The culprit was 26-year-old Mahbub…


Unlicensed Driver Triggers Catastrophe: 14 Injured as Reckless Driving Meets Lightless Intersection in Collision with MTA Bus

The streets of New York City hold a hidden menace, an unchecked risk that leaves a trail of shattered lives in its wake: reckless driving. Recent incidents in the city are distressing proof of the devastation wrought by the lethal combination of irresponsible driving and inadequate traffic controls. One chilling example unfolded at the juncture…

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Loved Ones of Slain Bike Activist Demand Justice – Is the City Doing Enough to Protect Cyclists?

The streets of New York City bear an unsettling reputation for bicycle accidents, a brutal truth underscored by the recent tragic loss of Adam Uster, a cherished member of Transportation Alternatives. As lawyers who specialize in bicycle accidents in this city, we are intimately familiar with the devastating aftershocks such incidents inflict on victims and…


Emphasizing School Bus Safety & The Repercussions Of Unlawfully Passing Stopped School Buses

As NY bus accident lawyers, our duty includes educating the public on school bus safety and the significance of adhering to traffic regulations. Annually, Operation Safe Stop Day is commemorated to increase awareness about the perils of unlawfully passing a halted school bus. This year’s event is scheduled for April 27th. Regrettably, incidents such as…

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16-Year-Old Cyclist on Electric Citi Bike Tragically Killed by Unlicensed 18-Year-Old Hit-and-Run Driver in Queens

16-year-old Jaydan McLaurin suffered a fatal hit-and-run accident while cycling on an electric Citi Bike in Queens on Monday evening. The driver, identified as 18-year-old Yaser Ibrahim, was unlicensed and operating a BMW SUV. After being located by the police, Ibrahim was arrested and charged with driving without a license, leaving the scene of an…

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Fatal Accident at JFK Airport Claims Lives Of Two Construction Workers

Two construction workers tragically lost their lives at JFK airport after being buried under rubble while moving utility lines. This incident emphasizes the importance of ensuring workplace safety, especially in high-risk industries such as construction. Francisco Reyes, 41, and Fernando Lagunas Pereira, 28, were trapped under a 30-foot trench collapse at the Calpine JFK Energy…