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Former Boy Scouts who suffered sexual abuse have a LIMITED TIME to file a claim to get the compensation they deserve.

If you or someone close to you was a Boy Scout, they need to speak with a Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Lawyer at Oliveri & Schwartz as soon as possible to discuss legal options.

The Boy Scouts of America lawsuits stem from the organization’s failure to protect thousands of children from sexual abuse. In many cases, rather than reporting instances of sexual abuse to proper authorities, Boy Scouts leadership decided to rug sweep.

Further, the organization’s failure to report instances of sexual abuse and remove abusers from their ranks led to thousands of young boys being molested by scoutmasters, scout leaders and other volunteers.

You deserve both JUSTICE & PRIVACY!

Oliveri & Schwartz offers 100% FREE & CONFIDENTIAL consultations-

The time to file a Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse claim is LIMITED!

IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you speak with a qualified Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Lawyer to ensure your voice is heard!

Our sexual abuse attorneys have a successful record of helping victims of sexual abuse heal. If you were sexually abused in the Boy Scouts, contact us today at 212-987-1100 for an experienced legal advocate on your behalf.

Why Should I SUE THE BOY SCOUTS for Child Sexual Abuse?

Filing a Boy Scouts of America Sexual Abuse Lawsuit will accomplish three things:

HELP you in your recovery by offering a form of closure

HOLD the Boy Scouts organization accountable for their failure to protect you

PREVENT future abuse

You have the right to seek monetary compensation from any person or organization that was complicit in hurting you or your son. Given the length of time these abuses occurred, it is not unreasonable to believe that the Boy Scouts fostered an environment of child sexual abuse.

For DECADES, they were aware of the abuse and failed to implement any kind of guidelines to protect members.

The Boy Scouts Breached a Duty Owed to America’s Youth and Their Parents

Protecting our youth should be the highest priority for parents and organizations that claim to enrich them. In fact, in the case of the Boy Scouts, it was a legal duty by the organization to ensure that all children in its care were safe.

The organization bears responsibility for Scout members who experienced sexual abuse at the hands of the adults within its ranks.

As a result, the Boy Scouts of America is liable for the injuries sustained by the young boys in their care.

This paves the way for the young boys and their families to sue the organization in a civil claim for all injuries, damages and losses.

Am I ELIGIBLE For Compensation From the Boy Scouts if My Abuse Happened Decades Ago?

YES! No matter your age or what state you live, if you were abused while Scouting, you need to COME FORWARD NOW!

We know that there is NO amount of money that can repair the damage that’s been done.

However, compensation can cover the costs of therapy and other medical recoveries you may require.

Boy Scouts sexual abuse survivors have until November 16, 2020 to file their claims. Once this opportunity passes, you may NEVER get another chance to hold the Boy Scouts of America accountable for the abuse you endured.

Boy Scouts sexual abuse affected boys in the following BSA program:

-Cub Scouts


-Blazer Scouts

-Sea Scouts

-Explorer Scout Posts

-Boy Scout Troops

-Other affiliated Boy Scout programs

Will the Boy Scouts Bankruptcy STOP ME From Filing a Claim?

NO! The organization has come up with a plan to meet its obligation to creditors—including Boy Scout sexual abuse survivors.

The Bankruptcy Court set a deadline for November 16, 2020 for sexual abuse claim submissions. This puts a limit on how long you have to file and how many survivors will file.

Speaking with a Boy Scout Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer will make sure you get your claim filed correctly and on time.

Because the bankruptcy will allow the organization to continue operating, it is important that abusers come forward with their stories. You can help stop this from happening from other children by holding the organization accountable for its failure to protect you.

Will I Have to GO TO COURT if I File a Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Claim?

It’s unlikely that you will have to go to court. In fact, the Boy Scouts bankruptcy actually means that you will likely get a settlement and the compensation you deserve much more quickly than if you were to go to court.

What Can a Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Lawyer DO FOR ME?

Our Boy Scout Sexual Abuse lawyers will gather the appropriate information needed to submit your claim during the bankruptcy procedure. This is NOT something you want to do alone. There will be certain criteria that your claim will need to meet.

A qualified child sexual abuse lawyer can help you PROVE your claim and SUBMIT the proper information. Once the bankruptcy is finalized, our lawyers will file the claim on your behalf.


Sexual assault and abuse can take its toll on a person’s well-being. However, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Oliveri & Schwartz is ready to guide you through the legal steps to being rebuilding your life after child sexual abuse.

Our compassionate, hard-hitting legal team will advocate for you to get you started in your recovery.

Our firm has the knowledge and a team of attorneys with the knowledge, skill, and passion to ensure you get JUSTICE!

Contact us today. We care. We can help.

If you are a survivor of Boy Scouts sexual abuse, you have until November 16, 2020 to file a claim.

Contact a Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Lawyer at Oliveri & Schwartz to get the claims process started at 212-987-1100.

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