Upstate NY limo crash

Upstate NY Limo Crash Kills 20

Upstate NY Limo Crash Kills 20

An absolute tragic event happened in Upstate New York in a town called Schoharie. An Upstate NY limo crash killed 20 people. 

A limo bus carrying 18 people ran through an intersection and crashed into a parked car killing all 18 people as well as 2 bystanders. 

The limo bus was descending a steep hill on Route 30 when it failed to stop at the intersection of Route 30A. The limo traveled across the intersection into the Apple Barrel Country Store parking lot and hit an unoccupied Toyota Highlander. Two pedestrians, who were standing nearby, were struck and killed.

This has been billed as the deadliest transportation accident in the country almost 10 years. 

There are MANY questions to be answered including was alcohol involved in the impairment of the driver of the limo, did the brakes fail on the limo bus, was there a medical condition with the driver that caused the crash etc etc. 

At Oliveri and Schwartz we have seen numerous fatal accidents that result in the negligence of another party including many limo accidents where the driver was negligent and/or the limo had maintenance issues and SHOULD NOT have been on the road. 

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